Introducing TimeOut!, the automatic logoff manager for Open Dental


Big Idea Software, LLC is pleased to announce the release of TimeOut!, the automatic logoff manager for Open Dental.TimeOut! Automatic Logoff Manager for Open Dental

With TimeOut!, you no longer have to worry about employees forgetting to log off, or privacy concerns in common areas such as operatories.

TimeOut! is highly configurable, and easy to set up. You can manage all the PCs in your office from a single admin screen, and it has different settings for PCs in public areas, such as treatment rooms, or private areas such as the front desk or business office. You can even exclude PCs if you wish.

  Fully customizable public and private settingsAssign PCs into public or private groups, or turn TimeOut! off entirely for a PCTimeOut! comes with a variety of skins for complete customization 

















TimeOut! is compatible with all Open Dental series 7.2 -7.6 releases, and sells for $79.95 USD for a 10 PC license pack, which should be sufficient for most dental offices. Additonal 10 PC license packs are $19.95 USD. It's available as a fully functional 30 day trial in the Try section of the website.