Problem: Messy, disorganized paper anesthetic records


Solution: EASy, the Electronic  Anesthesia System for Open Dental.

Now, your inefficient and disorganized paper anesthetic records and logs are a thing of the past! EASy is a full featured anesthetic record and medication inventory management system that integrates seamlessly with Open Dental.


EASy includes all of the following features:

  • Electronic anesthetic records for IV and GA cases, including inhalational agents
  • Scheduled medication inventory system integrated directly with the program. Anesthetic medications delivered to patients are automatically deducted from inventory, ensuring that your counts are always accurate
  • Automatic import of vital signs from HL7 capable networked vital sign monitors
  • Eliminate messy, innacurate and disorganized paper anesthetic records and drug logs
  • Decrease your overhead - additional staff member need not be present in room just to chart vital signs and med times
  • Generate reports for DEA and DPS
  • Automatic updating ensures that you are always running the latest version: 
  • Wide range of skins customizable for each individual user
  • Support for Topaz signature pads
  • NEW! Support for multiple locations, providers and medication inventories (EASy 14.3 and newer)

  • NEW! Grouped prescriptions prints up to 4 prescriptions on a single sheet of paper (EASy 15.1 and newer)

Get EASy today (initial installs include 1 hour of online training)!

IV anesthetic record with Sustenance Slate skin applied