Compatible vital sign monitors

We recommend the SureSigns VM series monitors by Philips. The VS series will also work. The best VM series monitor for the price is the SureSigns VM-6, which exports BP, HR, MAP, SpO2, EtCO2, RR and Temp. The VM-4 and VM-8 series also work with our software. The VM-4 does not support end tidal CO2 (EtCO2) monitoring. Both the VM-6 and VM-8 series do. NOTE: Philips has discontinued the SureSigns line of vital sign monitors as of 12/31/2016. Refurbished SureSigns monitors can still be purchased from 3rd party vendors, such as Gopher Medical,

Philips SureSigns VM-6 vital signs monitor

Philips SureSigns VM-6 vital signs monitor


The Omni line of monitors from Infinium are now certified as compatible with our software. These monitors export BP, HR, MAP, SpO2, EtCO2, RR and Temp. Certified monitors include the Omni and Omni K. Details on these monitors are available at



If you're considering purchasing new monitors, please contact us to verify compatibility. If you're already using a brand not listed here,  let us know what brand and model you have, so we can obtain the specs to see if it can be used for automatic import of vital signs

Both monitors above can be conected to the network via the included Ethernet port. If you wish to connect a monitor wirelessly, we recommend the WNCE2001 Wireless Internet Adapter from Netgear

This wireless adapter plugs into the Ethernet port of the vital sign monitor, and transmits vital sign data wirelessly to your server. If your monitor has a USB port, it will draw power from the monitor itself. If your monitor does not have a USB port, power is supplied by the included AC power adapter.

NOTE: In order to connect an HL7 capable monitor to our software, you will need to purchase additional third party software from HermeTech. The two software products that are required are the Ultraport Database Schema Engine for HL7 and  the Ultraport listener. You will need the single port Ultraport listener product. If you purchase the Schema Engine and Listener together HermeTech will give you $100 off of the price of each individual item, so the bundled price is about $900 USD.

HermeTech's website is here.